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G.T.S. Technological Solutions


Business activity established early in 2000 and since then active in three levels of Practice:

production and assembly services , including support for specific orders to customers in the electronics industry and HI-TECH Within this framework,
  making boards, Cables, electronic and electrical systems, circuits and sub systems, packaging and documentation.
design and construction fields:
    Hardware Engineering
    Support in software
    Production veterans product trees (including production drawings, etc.).
Design, manufacturing and assembly of systems and appliances assemblies by production files and / or at the demand in developing prototype devices Vzv"ed, Wiring, braids and integration of systems;
developing , manufacturing and marketing myself portfolio including:
    LED lighting - mainly Outdoor (gardens, streets and public spaces)
    Repellents are harmful electronic devices - import and distribution
    Systems and accessories for safe and economical means of power and their sons LED-based lighting, controllers and sensors are geared combination
    Electricity boards feed systems , points out (socket plugs), and testing controls Xena Xena Marco.
    Control system of temperature and humidity. In this climate-image system was developed in the Dead Sea.
    Sensors and controllers for use in touch sensors warning their children, closeness, warmth, control the temperature and humidity;

The staff includes engineers, technicians, technicians and production workers, who specialize in mechanical engineering, software, electrical, manufacturing and assembly of electronics and electricity industries.